10 Traits of Highly Successful Forums

When you check out big-boards.com you’ll find a list of the most popular community (A.K.A forum, bulletin board,BB,etc..) sites and I am sure that knowledge hungry readers like yourself would like to be to lucky as to get this type of traffic to your own Web doms.

So exactly what makes these communities so special? Is it the community software ? Is it the moderators? topics? incentives? activity? quality of the content? cool functionality? design?

Well — IMO here is what’s important. Please help me to complete or re-order this list:

1) Activity – Without recent posts no one will stay.

2) Incentives – Why should you post here? Good communities give members a good reason to take part.

3) Clarity – Forums and descriptions should be clear so there is no confusion as to where to post.

4) Eye Appeal – Being attractive helps.

5) Diversity – Forums and topics should cover a range of subjects with context to your site.

6) Functionality – Good communities also provide PM, member profiles, avatars, sub-forums, etc..

7) Moderation – Expert moderators that stay on top of posts help keep content accurate and relevant.

8) ??

9) ???

10) ???



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