Content Management Thoughts

I totally disagree with one of Jeff Veen’s comments about what a CMS should do and be:

“Users of a public web site should never — never — be presented with a way to log into the CMS. Every organization I have ever worked with has kept the content management interface completely separate from their public-facing Web site, yet almost every open source CMS mixes them together. These systems provide a mechanism for anyone to create an account and login to the CMS directly from the site being managed. Yes, I know I can edit the template and take this out. But the only sites that really require this functionality seem to be open source projects; this is an indication that you’re badly misinterpreting your audience.”

Huh? Say what? Who is misinterpreting “audience” here?

Please clarify this for me.

A user of a public Web site is a member of the audience — and yes — that same user may also be a content provider (or content administrator, or content editor). Let the CMS authenticate the user accordingly — But removing login prompts from the UI? I think Jeff is badly misinterpreting usability.

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