Is Corporate Blogging the Killer App of 2006?

Blogs have become a staple for business communication. With staff blogs on Websites being made available for public consumption, customers get insight into the people and culture of the company they may be buying into. Corporate blogs also provide customers and partners with an opportunity to provide feedback. Wether you’re a business principal, partner or customer, I am interested in hearing your stories about how a business blog has changed your perspective on busuiness communication.

Primary Reasons for Starting a Corporate Blog

– Community building
– Thought leadership / idea provocation
– Communicate with customers
– Marketing / sales driving
– SEO / Improve search engine rank

Key Benefits of Corporate Blogging

– Increased credibility
– Increased sales leads
– Improved communication with audience
– Increased communication on casual / personal level

Key Risk Factors of Corporate Blogging

– Negative PR
– Cost / Man hours
– Legal Liability


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