The “Quick Study”

“One who is able to memorize something easily and quickly or is able to understand and deal with something easily and successfully”.. Have you ever been called a “quick study”?

I think a single day lesson is adequate to examine a technology of interest. Perhaps it’s my mild programmer A.D.D, but I don’t have patience for the multi-part series, where each lesson spans days, weeks, or months. Examples include the “Summer of Nhibernate“, “Learn step-by-step in 7 days“. Of course, s/w methodologies are not learned in a day, but specific software platforms and applications make a good “quick study”.

The goal of each quick study will be to:

1) cover 1 or 2 technologies by example.
2) You’ll start with, “What is ?”, or “How does work?”
3) You’ll leave with (at the very least) a high-level understanding.

So, I’ll be doing a bunch of these single day deep dives that I hope you find useful. Upcoming topics:

  • NHibernate and Spring.NET – 101
  • NHibernate, MVC and Spring.Net
  • Maven in Eclipse
  • JBoss ESB Services
  • REST and .NET

Post a comment s/w development if there’s a topic you’d like to see.

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