JSON Serializers on C# / .NET – Late 2011

JSON has been around for a while now, and it’s appeal is still growing in the interest of things like REST services and the NoSQL (A.K.A Document) database movement (FYI – I’m much more fond of the NoSQL movement than the Occupy movement). But, yet, it still seems that a good JSON serializer is hard to come by.

I’m in the habit of making my apps simply aware of an ISerializer so that I can choose to implement the JSON-serializer-of the-day. I have toyed with a few JSON serializers:


They’re all sort of <OK>, and each one presents various performance and other anomalies  to work around. However, with my new found excitement with CouchDB, (hey just stinkin’ relax) I really wanted to find a good JSON serializer. To my pleasure I found some promising new ones:


The performance was great! But the maturity was lacking. (Sound familiar ladies?) Despite fastJSON showing some impressive results, it didn’t actually work on many of my not-so-exotic POCO’s. ServiceStack turned out much better. My only suggestion was better recognition of the [DataMember] attributes (ie; name=) so that it provided more Deserialization flexibilty when the JSON string didn’t exactly match the POCO properties. So here is how my latest ISerializer impl looks:


using System;
using ServiceStack.Text;

namespace MyProject.Serializers
    /// <summary>
    /// This is an implementaion ISerializer that uses the ServiceStackText JSON
    /// </summary>
    public class ServiceStackJsonSerializer : ISerializer

        public string Serialize<T>(T obj)
            string jsonText = ServiceStack.Text.JsonSerializer.SerializeToString<T>(obj);
            return jsonText;

        public T Deserialize<T>(string json)
            T obj;
            obj = (T)ServiceStack.Text.JsonSerializer.DeserializeFromString<T>(json);
            return obj;

        public Object Deserialize(string json, Type type)
            Object obj;
            obj = ServiceStack.Text.JsonSerializer.DeserializeFromString(json, type);
            return obj;


Does anyone have other recommendations? Reading through Stackoverflow, it looks like JSON.Net is very popular, and — in the end I like it too. However, I still hope to find a JSON serializer that’s faster.



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